Youth Programmes

Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers in South Africa face enormous challenges. Not only do they have to deal with unprocessed trauma, xenophobia, crime and inefficient, corrupt documentation processing, but young people have the additional burden of trying to navigate their identity and sense of belonging at a critical stage of their development.

Young foreigners are often taunted, beaten and bullied, leaving many traumatised and even suicidal. The AMP programme seeks to empower youth and build their self-esteem so they can reach out and help others. We do this through a holistic programme that includes youth support groups, leadership and peer educator training, holiday workshops (including sports and art), tutoring and AMP’s Building Bridges Camps. We realise that many South African youth are also vulnerable, and so some AMP support groups and all Building Bridges Camps include South Africans and foreigners, in the hopes that they can heal together and build bridges in their communities based on the experiences shared.