Workshops & Training

Since its inception, the Adonis Musati Project has been involved in a number of initiatives and activities to assist the vulnerable asylum seeker and refugee population in Cape Town, including health and welfare, training, education, advocacy, and psychosocial and mental health care. AMP believes in taking a holistic approach to offering assistance, addressing both the physical and mental needs of our clients. We strive to address the gap of access and availability in services for this population, whilst encouraging individual sustained growth and eventual self-reliance.

Humanitarian workers often assist people who have been victimised. They work in and with communities that have been devastated by natural forces or conflict, and this work can be extremely challenging. They themselves are sometimes the targets of violence. As a result, humanitarian workers are likely to experience lasting psychological and spiritual changes in the way that they see themselves and the world. If you are a humanitarian worker, it is important to understand the process of Vicarious Trauma, because it will almost certainly impact you,... your family, organisation, and the people you are helping.
— Dr. Laurie Anne Pearlman and Lisa McKay, Headington Institute


Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care Workshops

At AMP, we understand first-hand the effects of Vicarious Trauma and have developed a series of workshops that look at Vicarious Trauma, Resilience and Self-Care. We offer these workshops several times a year to other service providers working with marginalised refugees and migrants, in order to foster and develop a community of care between those working on the frontlines with trauma and stress. Contact us for more details or to book a workshop.

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Mental Health Workshops

AMP has many years of experience counselling refugees and asylum seekers and is familiar with the mental health issues that are most common in this community. We are also aware of the stigma surrounding certain mental illnesses and offer educational and experiential Mental Health and Refugees Workshops on request, to refugees and migrants at other Cape Town service providers.  


Lay Counsellor & Peer Counsellor Training

Since 2013, AMP has trained 23 peer counsellors, many of whom are still leading our Peer Support Programmes.

We also offer both Lay Counsellor Training & Peer Counsellor Training for other service providers working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. These trainings are offered yearly. Contact us for more details.