Digital storytelling and participatory media has been shown to educate and inspire by allowing people to share their own stories and assist and support their fellow refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to access services in South Africa. Oral storytelling is also an integral part of our peer support process at the Adonis Musati Project. Storytelling is an important traditional medium that at AMP, allows Peer Counsellors to tackle sensitive and culturally taboo subjects such as gender-based violence and female genital mutilation in a non-threatening manner. The inclusion of photography, video and audio enables our Peer Counsellors to further engage AMP clients, and leads to dialogue, reflection and action in our Peer Support Programme groups.

The powerful stories below, produced with support from StoryCenter's Silence Speaks Initiative, touch on experiences of war, trauma, intimate partner violence, loss and resilience. In an aim to spotlight the challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face whilst trying to make a new home for themselves in South Africa, the stories are being shared in AMP's Peer Counselling Groups, as well as at screenings with local partners and service providers.

A story about xenophobia and discrimination, children's rights, and advocacy.

A story about genocide, loss, and starting over.

A story about abandonment, determination, and freedom.

A story about isolation, xenophobia, and the strength of family.

A story about fate, opportunity, and creating a brighter future.

A story about war, becoming a refugee, and resilience.