Youth-Led Transformative Story-Work

An integral part of our work with young people involves creating space for their stories. We do this within our support groups and we do this through arts-based practices that enable creative expression. Creative storytelling helps young people to have control over the narratives that shape their identities and the tools to build their sense of self and pathways towards belonging.

Story-work as personal and collective transformation

Below we hear from asylum-seeking and refugee young people who together shared stories about key changes that have happened in their lives and their roles in future changes. Their stories were told within a group of 10 young people after three months of peer support programming. This was a process of self-development and collective consciousness raising as these young people collaborated with other youth and AMP staff in taking the youth programme forward as pioneer youth leaders.

A young woman’s story of change, loss and growth.

A young woman's story about identity and belonging.

A young man’s story of personal development.

A young man's story about family.