Community Support Programme


The Community Support Programme is part of AMP’s initiative to reach vulnerable individuals in communities where they reside. The programme is facilitated by a team of trained Community Support Workers from the refugee community who provide education and advocacy initiatives, and recruitment and referral to services and programmes, including those offered by AMP.  Open participatory presentations in public spaces including Community Health and Family Planning Clinics, and Day Hospitals, for refugees and South Africans. Presentation topics include SGBV, health promotion (specifically HIV and sexual and reproductive health, TB, and cancer) child protection and social cohesion. Community Support Workers also partner with local clinics to provide health literature and condom distribution to thousands of individuals in various communities.

AMP Offers:

  • Facilitate weekly workshops and information sessions on SGBV, HIV, child protection, health and refugee issues in various community spaces such as clinics and hospitals to refugees and South Africans.

  • Organize special community events each month e.g. National Woman’s Day, World Aids Day, Youth Day etc.

  • Engage in outreach activities e.g. condom and information brochure distribution drives in collaboration with local clinics.

  • Refer vulnerable refugees for inclusion in various AMP programmes.

  • Conduct Community mapping to highlight available services and resources in various areas.

  • Offer translation services at clinics and police stations where necessary.