Youth Empowerment Programme

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Young refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa are living with complex histories of pain, loss and violence, as they work to build their lives. The strength they have shown to navigate adversity risks being undermined as they deal with unprocessed trauma, everyday xenophobia and crime, and the inefficient and corrupt processing of documentation. This renewed trauma deeply effects young people’s mental health and wellbeing, fracturing their sense of self and belonging at a critical stage of their development.

The AMP youth programme seeks to empower young people and build their self-esteem so they can reach out and help others. This is achieved through a holistic programme that centers on youth empowerment and support groups, co-led by trained facilitators and youth leaders, who undergo leadership and peer educator training, Satellite activities include holiday workshops , extra murals,  therapeutic and advocacy Digital Storytelling, social cohesion camps and events together with South African Youth.

AMP offers:

  • A 10-week psycho-social, educational and rights based programme that provides a safe space for girls and boys to process trauma and difficulties, provides skills for self-advocating, and education regarding the rights of refugee and asylum seeker children, prevention and response to SGBV, HIV, and sexual and reproductive health (age specific).

  • Camps and programmes during school holidays which include South African youth

  • Bi-annual youth leadership training

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Auxiliary services such as extra murals, art therapy, individual counselling and health screening.